Friday, 25 November 2011

More Art Journal

I'm not werid, I'm Limited Edition

If mosquitos only sucked fat!

I have been struggling to find time to craft, what with all the cooking and baking I'm doing over on Farmersgirl Kitchen.  But I've been on holiday this week, so managed to catch upon my art journal.  I was struggling with the first quote so decided just to go with text and a few doodly stamps and drawings.
The second one seemed to come easier. I used some freebie stamps I got from Simply Homemade magazine.


  1. So glad you've had time to play and get inky on your week off work. You've done a great job with those prompts Janice.


  2. I love both of these pages Janice. The writing is a great idea, it lets the gorgeous background shine and the cake page is scummy! I'm so pleased you found the time this week xx

  3. Gorgeous pages Janice! Love the colours in the first one and the lettering is fab! And the second one is just yummy :D


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