Saturday, 20 November 2010

A few more digital layouts from our trip to Appleby.  The weather was not of the best and when we drove over the A66 to Barnard Castle, the snow was right down to the road.  I took some photos from the car window, they weren't particularly good, so I have given them a bit of a 'treatment'!

When we got to Barnard Castle we paid a little visit to Graphicus, the lovely craft shop of Glenda Waterworth.  I managed to restrain myself and not spend too much, I didn't even buy any stamps.

We then went to the Bowes Museum, which had lots of interesting things in it and this amazing silver Swan automaton.  The Swan's neck is jointed and it dips down and appears to fish out the little fishes (in the inset picture) which 'swim' in glass rods which move and look like water.  It is well worth seeing and is activated at 2pm every day.

Layout 1 & 3 - Pure Elegance from DSD by Athena
Layout 2 - Noteworthy from DSD by Athena


  1. Great layouts Janice and that swan sounds amazing.


  2. That swan looks amazing Janice - is it old?

  3. I love what you did to the first photo Janice, it really works. What a fab building too xxx

  4. wow, that swan looks amazing, whether its moving or not!

    Lucky you going to Graphicus...still can't believe that you didn't get any stamps!

    I love what you have done to that top pic...looks like a snowstorm, HUGS XXX

  5. wow, fab stuff Janice. You've made such good use of your photos in these


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