Saturday, 7 August 2010


Our new sofa arrived on Thursday and I'm really pleased with it.  The photo is rubbish as we haven't finished decorating and don't have any curtains or blinds up yet, so there was  a lot of light from the window and it reflects off the dark brown leather. 
Okay, I realise you are wondering why this post is entitled 'Bertie', well the name the company gave to this corner suite is 'Burlington' and there is an old Music Hall song called 'Burlington Bertie'.  I did a quick search and found the lyrics and more info about the song HERE, I didn't realise it was such a long song, they must have only sung exerpts from it on 'The Good Old Days' TV show that was on in the 1970s.

Here is a little bit of the song:
I'm Burlington Bertie I rise at ten thirty
and saunter along like a toff
I walk down the Strand with my gloves on my hand
Then I walk down again with them off
I'm all airs and graces, correct easy paces
Without food so long, I've forgot where my face is
I'm Bert, Bert, I haven't a shirt
But my people are well off you know.
Nearly everyone knows me from Smith to Lord Rosebr'y,
I'm Burlington Bertie from Bow.
  So there you go, our sofa is now called Bertie - hee hee!

Scrapbook Kit is 'Neutrality' from DSD by Athena available at Inspiration Lane


  1. Gorgeous LO Janice.
    I hope you have many happy times ahead of you with Bertie.xx

  2. oooo I could just stretch out on that one!!! Fanbulous corner unit, we love ours & would never get a 3 piece again now! hehe love that is called Bertie and yes...I remember the Good Old Days hahaha XXX

  3. Super LO and an equally super 'Bertie'!!! It looks really comfortable. The only downside is that I remember the song!!!!!!

  4. I can well see why you've fallen in love with Bertie - and the LO is great x

  5. Oooo that does look comfy Janice, enjoy xxx

  6. i've heard of people naming their cars janice..but settee's LOL
    i'm only jealous coz we need one but don't have the funds!!
    enjoy :)

  7. Enjoy your new couch, cute naming it. Your circle layout looks so cool.

  8. Oooo loving your new corner sofa and a great name too ha ha!!

  9. Brilliant Bertie and layout Janice :)

  10. I'm surprised you let anyone sit on it Janice!

    Looks fab and the LO looks great too


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