Saturday, 20 June 2009

Friday 12th - San Antimo and Bagno Vignoni

On Friday, our last day, we went to San Antimo where there is a small community of Augustin monks.

The church was very beautiful and peaceful in it's pastoral setting.
These were the first cows we had seen all week!

The inside of the church was quite simple.
There was no stained glass, so the light was amazing as it shone through.
After San Antimo we moved on to Bagno Vignoni, a spa, where our guide suggested that we could bathe. You are not allowed to go into this pool and there were many steps down to the little bit of pool you could go in, so we decided not to bother and went for a nice lunch instead! It turned out the woman who owned the restaurant was English and gave us some good recommendations.

As you can see I have aquired a new man!!! This is David our tour guide.
More stunning geraniums, I just love them.


  1. That David has got more clothes on than the other one you showed us earlier this week. haha ;)

  2. Every picture is just beautiful! Enjoying each one!

  3. what a beautiful church :) if that was your last day does that mean thats the last of the photo's :(

  4. More lovely photos but I'm not sure the trade-in on the man front was a good one ;o)

  5. The little church looks stunning. I love tree outside. Look like a giant lollipop from a distance! Yeah! you found some cows. :-D & a new David!!


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