Sunday, 1 June 2008

The Wedding

Looking out on the grey and wet day today, I realise how lucky we were to have such a glorious day yesterday. The day started with a visit to the hairdressers for a colour and cut and to put in my fascinator, I also had to pick up my corsage and Brian's button hole. Back home and a quick lunch and time to get ready for the wedding. We were in the bedroom, fully ready with about 20 minutes to spare before another friend came to collect us to take us to the church, when we heard a bang, looked out of the window and half of our calves had jumped the fence into the field next door.

Brian got changed and he and Steven started to try and get them to come back through, by 2.30pm when my friend arrived they were still not through, I had to send her on to the wedding and I stripped off my finery and put on my old clothes to go out and help. We finally got them back through and then moved them to another field, by this time it was 2.55pm and the wedding was at 3.30pm. We left the farm at 3.07pm and got to the church at 3.28pm, the bride had arrived but, fortunately, they were having pictures taken outside the church before going in.

It took us most of the ceremony to calm down. The first hymn was 'All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small' we had a little smile at that one! It was a lovely relaxed service, the minister was a school friend of the bride and she made it feel very personal. Outside into the sunshine and lots of photos as you will see below.

The wedding party.
The family outside the church.

The bride and some guests.

Here we are in all our finery.

With my friend Avril.

The reception was held in a marquee outside the haulage business that the bride and groom own and run. The meal was excellent and there was a ceilidh band, disco and a singer to entertain us. My dancing was somewhat curtailed as someone 'stilletoed' me on the front of my foot during the 'Gay Gordons', dancing backwards in a crowd is never easy! We got home around 1am, so rather tired today.


  1. Janice you and Brian look very beautiful and handsome.

    Glad you had the weather for it but what a performance just before the wedding.

    Traceyr x

  2. Janice you look fab, it's a shame though that you didn't have a photo of you in your farm gear with the fastenator on your head!!

    The bride looks beautiful and I so glad you all had a great day.


  3. Did the fascinator stay in while you chased calves? *haha* Looks like you all had a lovely time and you look fabulous, even if your preparation was a little disturbed! Hope your toes are recovering.

  4. Great photos, Janice - glad it went well - love the bride's dress - and you look stunning. Shame about the stiletto foot stab - ouch!

  5. Looks like a wonderful day Janice and the bride looked gorgeous, I love the idea of the chocolate sash on the dress. You looked lovely too. Lucky you got there on time, the joys having livestock hey.

  6. Janice, you look bootiful in your lovely dress and so does Brian, (not in his dress though, lol). Lovely pic and so glad the day was lovely too. Beth XX

  7. What a lovely day you all had! You look beautiful and Brian looks handsome. X

  8. Looks like you had a good time at the wedding after all the commotion with the calves. You look lovely Janice.
    Sue x

  9. you both look lovely Janice - love the colour of your 'head thing' hope the cows behave in future - or at least not be 'naughty' when you've got your best frock on!!

  10. Lovely photos Janice, and you both look very smart indeed...x

  11. Looks like a fab day was had by all (in the end :)) I do love man in a kilt ;)


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